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All About Anthon

All About Anthon

About us

All About Anthon is a singer-songwriter excursion since 2008. Located in Helsinki, Finland. First live solo gig was held at Robert's Coffee @ Jääpuisto, Helsinki (27.2.2013) - now looking for more gigs! Email contact: allaboutanthon(at)gmail(dot)com Someone once wrote like this: "With the Spark sounded like Thurston Moore and Stina Nordenstam collaboration where both would like the another person to take the command. So brilliant!" Well, words like "sweet" and "adorable" are often used too. Would love to hear any comments and cheers! Music videos: "Demi Moore" http://youtu.be/80SOunmKuOA "Cold Day At The Disco" http://youtu.be/mdgt6ak0ys4?hd=1 AAA IN SOCIAL MEDIA: www.soundcloud.com/allaboutanthon www.facebook.com/allaboutanthon www.youtube.com/allaboutanthon www.myspace.com/allaboutanthon www.thesixtyone.com/allaboutanthon

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