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Corona Skies

Corona Skies

About us

Corona Skies is a hard rockin’ melodic metal band hailing from Turku, Finland. Founded in 2005, this six-piece delivers an unique mix of smashing guitar riffs, hyper-skilled keyboard athletism and a rock solid rhythm section, completed with the strong multi-layered vocals. After a few years of fumbling and slumber, all the six pieces of puzzle were finally put together. Since early 2009 the band has been an active gigger in Southwest Finland, having played nearly 30 shows during the career. Opening up for Stratovarius, the higly acclaimed pioneer of Finnish melodic metal in July 2010, is a great landmark in the band’s career, but we’re not stopping there: Corona Skies is ready for the REAL big stages. The band has completed three demo recordings and a promotional self-financed EP titled ”To Pluto And Never Back” released in March 2011. With the release of the new EP, the band’s songwriting, musicianship and sheer professionalism are all taken to a whole new level. http://www.coronaskies.com/ http://www.facebook.com/coronaskies http://www.soundcloud.com/corona-skies http://www.myspace.com/coronaskies http://www.youtube.com/coronaskies

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