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Mikko Karvonen started making electronic music on the Commodore Amiga in the so-called demoscene somewhere between 1989-1991. Known as Yolk / CNCD, together with Jarno 'Legend' Kilpiä, he created a bunch of memorable lo-fi tracks in the mid-nineties for demos such as dEEP - The Psilocybin mix, Inside, Hyperventilation, CNCD vs. Orange, Killer and several others. Search for these in YouTube. Since 1999 he has operated under the Crankshaft moniker. He has released a few tracks and remixes on various compilations and performed live dozens of times in Helsinki and Barcelona (e.g., Koneisto Festival 2004, Versus Electronics, TPOLM Lazy Sunday). Remix credits: Machine Drum, RinneRadio, Raptori, Aural Planet, md (aka kschzt), Mz Bratt (unofficial)… Crankshaft's music pre-2006 could be described as "pop-ish IDM", while the more recent material is vastly influenced by Jamaican dancehall music, or even dubstep. http://www.facebook.com/crankshaft http://twitter.com/crankshaftmuzik http://www.crankshaft.fi/

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