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Gina’s debut album ”HUSH” OUT NOW! www.ginaband.net www.facebook.com/ginaband HISTORY Gina is a Helsinki-based band which was founded in the summer of 2006. Gina's main trio, consisting of Risto, Omppu and Toomas, have been playing together since 2001. Music has been our lifestyle and the passion in our lives since childhood. All of us have gained musical experience from other bands as well, but the making of our own music has always been the top priority and that got the trio to split up from other bands and commit theirselves to the future of Gina, as soon as the right vocalist was found. Out of 30 female vocalists one stood out. She's called Regina and it was love at the first sight Regina has a personal and distinctive voice so she was the long awaited and searched after vocalist. ABOUT MUSIC Melodic rock, maybe pop and why not heavy not forgetting blues, soul, jazz, tango, humppa and finnish folk. All of these can be heard in the music of Gina if you listen closely enough. The band draws influence from many different genres and does not want to be labeled in just one. Music is a gift for them which they want to share with the world. In the songs there's always a dramatic story to be told. Surprising elements give soul to the songs and makes you want to listen to them over and over again. This is why Gina has their own distinctive style which has received a lot of positive feedback. MEMBERS Regina -vocals Omppu -guitar Risto -bass Toomas -drums + “live backing musician” Timo "The Proffa" -keyboards www.ginaband.net www.facebook.com/ginaband

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