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It was back in year 1991, under Northern lights, in Finland, a newborn rockband JACKRABBIT came to see the dawn of a new day. There was four young men, in their twenties, sharing the same vision and musical tastes, likes of AC /DC , Kiss, Lynyrd, Blackfoot, The Stones, Whitesnake, ...70´s stuff......when the music was real... Rehealsing on daily basis, determined to make it work, a few months later, June of -92, JACKRABBIT played their first-ever gig in a dirty little bar called "The 8 Ball" in their hometown Pori, Finland. From that day on, JACKRABBIT has been rockin around the Finnish nation, trying to make themselves proud in what they do. http://www.jackrabbit.fi info@jackrabbit.fi

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Hitlantis is a revolutionary free new music service for independent artists and music lovers. We help artists to break through, and music lovers to discover great new music and artists that they want to support.

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