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Neglected Fear

Neglected Fear

About us

We're a bunch of guys from Närpiö and Maalahti (drummer) in Finland that is. This band started with a complete different band than what it is now, Matias had a band and he played guitar and growled as he still does from time to time. And then Jonathan asked him if he could join the band as a vocalist, and Matias said why not and Jonathan went for audition. And he became the new singer, but strangely all the members from that band quit, well it was only a drummer and another guitarist. Matias and Jonathan bored since they got no band and then came the brilliant idea from Matias that they should start record with Line6 and Reaper some vocals and guitar. Then the beautiful two man band came up "Minor Epic Failure". But they got tired of it and wanted to play for real, then they asked Johan our current bassplayer if he wanted to join and so he did. And it was early 2009. Looking for a drummer was a hard part, we asked how many as possible until one day we found Ronny and he wanted to play. Through his difficulties of getting to the rehersal we scheduled since he got many problems but we solved it. October 2009, studiotime after 4 rehersals we went in to the studio which was not a good idea since we didn't have the songs in our minds and it went to hell, but it did go when everybody was doing their own stuff. So a live recording on "Die with a Smile", "The Joker", "Not a day for Sunshine" and "(SIC)". And the same week we had our first gig. December 2009, studiotime again to record "Confession" and "Sadistic Thoughts" that went better but we weren't happy with the outcome still. In April 2010 we entered a band competition, which 12 bands competed for several prizes. We won the grand prize which was a studio session for 10 hours. Our single which was released in July 2010 was the result, and both songs are on the album which is going to be released late fall 2010.

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