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Sunday Brothers

Sunday Brothers

About us

Sunday Brothers is a brand new band and a producer duo formed by William Suvanne & Jukka Lusua which produces energetic feel-good music. The band’s new single “Sunday Dance” is sung by the young star of the future Heini Ikonen, who is involved e.g. in a band called Yona. William Suvanne is saxophonist/producer from the Helsinki Metropolitan area and also a winner of the “Nokia Young Talent” award. Suvanne tours with dozens of different bands in Finland and around the world. As a saxophone player, he has released two albums of his own. Jukka Lusua is a dj/producer also from the Helsinki Metropolitan area, who has performed under the DJ name “Yucca” in, for example, P. Diddy’s Black Party, events for almost all the major Finnish corporations and Finland’s leading night clubs. The duo has performed together already for years. It was these gigs that inspired the inception of “Sunday Brothers”, which, in its full composition, is a live experience consisting of ten people. Sunday Dance is the band’s first single. The band’s second single will be released at the end of 2011 and the album in the spring of 2012.

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